Do your homework/research and take your time if possible particularly regarding accommodation and the best areas in which to live. Do not be rushed into anything. Make sure you take proper instruction and advice as to your tax and national insurance status as an ex-pact and whether your employer will offer you any tax indemnities or equalisation or salary uplift or accommodation allowance as an incentive for accepting an overseas post.
Make sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared because you will be out of your comfort zone. And of course, understand the culture.
Go with an open mind and enjoy every second of it!
Be as open as possible to new experiences and to meeting new people. The friends you make abroad may be immensely different to your friends at home but they will end up being your friends for life. Also, make sure you take a box of your favourite tea bags with you.
My advice would be to research and visit the country you are looking to move too, be open to learning and understanding a new language.
Just to go for it. You can always come home or try somewhere else if you hate it, but the chances are you will have an incredible experience that you will never forget.
Do it, life’s too short to stay in one place.
Go for it. It is enriching and rewarding on a whole load of levels. There are very few negatives under the age of 30.
There’s no age limit on being an expat, you
can be 80 and want to move abroad, go do it. It’s easier now to move around the world, it’s easier to communicate around the world, it’s easier to live in new places, and there are people of all different backgrounds that are moving. So I would say do, don’t hesitate at all. Do take a few precautions, think of how you can become stable financially, if you’re leaving friends and family behind that’s an issue. Try it short-term, what’s six months out of a life? what’s one year, two years out of a life? Nothing.
The first three months are always tough and you might feel isolated. But don’t panic as I promise you things will get better when you stay longer. Try to get used to the culture and get involved with the locals, which I think what has helped me personally to adapt to life in England.